Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Easily restore a lost file or an entire business infrastructure in minutes.

Offer Peace of Mind

With a BCDR solution that is simple, smart, and effective

Prepare customers for disaster

With total data protection from devastating system failures, natural disasters, and human error

Protect customers from ransomware

By quickly restoring the business infrastructure to a moment before the attack


SIRIS offers data backup, recovery, and business continuity for local, virtual, and cloud environments, within a single platform

Inverse Chain Technology

  • Replaces traditional backups with the elegance of asynchronous mirroring.

Backup Insights

  • See what has been modified, created, or deleted between any two backups.

Advanced ZFS-based storage

  • Datto makes extensive use of ZFS for maximum data integrity protection.

Hybrid Cloud Architecture

  • The most reliable and efficient way for users to back up their data securely.

Deployed as a physical, software or virtual appliance, SIRIS 4 provides the business continuity features, tools, and management capabilities to get up and running fast.

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BCDR designed specifically for small businesses that need enterprise-grade functionality

Deployed as a low-profile physical appliance, ALTO provides the business continuity features, tools, and management capabilities to get up and running fast:

Cost-effective Total Data Protection

  • Features that enable granular data recovery from multiple points in time with virtualization

Backup and Restore

  • Protects both physical and virtual infrastructure in a unified console

Easy to install and quick to restore

  • A plug and play appliance that is literally up and running in minutes

Ransomware Protection

  • Hybrid on-prem and cloud data protection with a secure VPN tunnel

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Network Attached Storage (NAS)

A smart, scalable network attached storage platform, centrally managed and protected by the secure Datto Cloud

Easily implement and use as a common location for sharing files or backup target. Simply plug it into the network, quickly configure, and all of the data is readily available locally, backed up to the Cloud, and quickly recoverable in a disaster scenario. Features include:

Network Addressable Storage

  • Enable secure file sync and share for large datastores and collaborate across multiple protocols.

Local Fault Tolerance

  • Store everything in one place and get automated cloud redundancy

Cloud backup storage and recovery

  • Recover entire machines or specific files quickly and easily to safeguard from ransomware or errant users

Flexible options to suit clients with storage needs varying from 6 - 100 TB, NAS products use architecture that translates into cost efficiency, performance, scalability and extensibility.

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Cloud Continuity for PC

Cloud based continuity for PC's. Reliable back up and restoration. Protect yourself from Ransomware and other disasters.

With the ability to restore individual files from the back up or restore the full image back onto a device. In the event of a disaster you can virtualize your device from the cloud on any other device.

All-In-One BCDR for PCs

Recover either a single file or the entire PC with the power of image-based backups. This provides a way to easily protect every customer PC from all disaster scenarios. With Cloud Continuity for PCs:

      • Recover individual files and folders
      • Rollback from ransomware attacks
      • Restore lost or stolen PCs
      • Virtualize PCs in the Datto cloud

Simple Deployment and Management

The Cloud Continuity agent sits on the protected PC and connects directly to the Datto Cloud without the need for a local appliance. MSPs can easily purchase, manage, and monitor Cloud Continuity for PCs in the Partner Portal, the same place they do for other Datto products. Here, MSPs can remotely virtualize PCs, perform file restores, pause and delete agents, and view the most recent screenshots.

Reliable PC Backups

PCs move between networks or get powered off, making it difficult to get reliable backups. Cloud Continuity backups will automatically pause when the device has its connection interrupted and then will automatically resume once the device’s connection is restored. Screenshot Verification then validates every backup and alerts the MSP if there are any issues - taking out the guesswork and ensuring reliable backups and recovery.

One Price, One Terabyte, Zero Complications

Cloud Continuity for PCs protects an entire terabyte of PC data. There are no overage charges, no extra charges for virtualization or recovery, and backups are available with 1-year time-based retention (TBR) in the Datto Cloud.


Work together simply and securely and protect the results with power and speed.

Secure Infrastructure and Compliance

Rest easy with 99.9% uptime, HIPAA and SOC 2 compliance, 256-bit encryption, and geo-redundant data centers

Data Privacy Certifications

Control collaborators’ access with built-in security controls

Centrally Managed and Configured

Track client teams and storage with centralized management and reliable configurations

Fast and Easy File Restore

Stay ahead of any potential security threats like Ransomware or other vulnerabilities and viruses

SaaS Back up

Insure your business against data loss across G Suite and Office 365, including Gmail, Google Drive, Team Drives, Exchange Online, OneDrive and SharePoint

Gain Peace of Mind

Avoid losing data to inefficient native recovery features and protect your clients no matter what

Recover From Ransomware

Quickly restore your clients’ user data to a moment before an attack occurred

Ensure Transferability

Easily move emails, files or sites from one user to another when employees leave the company

Resolve Cloud Concerns

Restore critical emails or files lost due to user error, malicious activity, or SaaS application outages

Vade Email Security for Office 365

Advanced artificial intelligence capabilities join forces with patented machine learning models to keep inboxes safer

Anti-spear-phishing with banner alerts

Uses profile and natural language processing to identify patterns, anomalies, and common behaviors in malicious emails. Then, users get alerts of potential threats via customizable banners

Time-of-click anti-phishing

performs real-time content and context analysis of URLs, page, and redirects, with machine learning algorithms that regularly update.

Behavioral-based anti-malware

Runs comprehensive real-time analyses of the origin, content, and context of emails to identify unknown, polymorphic malware—all without processing delays typical of sandboxing technologies.

Auto and manual remediation

Makes threat detection even stronger with post-delivery remediation. The engine uses a real-time view of global threats to continuously learn and automatically remove threats from inboxes. Admins can also manually remove messages with a click before they reach the business.