System built as a wireless system but can work with existing wired sensors as well.

Want to see who is arming/disarming the system? A picture is taken at the panel when a code is successfully entered.

System can recognize up to 4 partitions arm, the warehouse while you're still in the office.

Using you can add access control and other capabilities to your system.

Using the app you can arm. disarm, your system from anywhere at anytime. Make your Business a Smart Business. Control lights, thermostats, sensors and more. Keep track of who is coming and going as well.


Your Business is protected 24/7 with our monitoring services.


As a partner of Dahua Technoloy we have access to a wide range of Security cameras ideal for home and business. Paired with one of the many recorders available you have the option to save video in the event something did occur. Want to see what's going on while you're at work or out shopping? No problem, mobile apps are available to keep an eye on things anywhere and anytime.